• Let's drink cava

Let’s Drink Cava Z (°2019)


Let’s Drink Cava Z Leandro VG Gitano van Berkenbroeck
Corsica VG Z
Claire de la Lune sdw Z Comme il Faut
Gute Tochter


This sporty gray is extremely fast in his foreleg. His caution is his greatest asset. Let’s Drink Cava is a very modern horse with a strong maternal line.

Grandmother is the mare Gute Tochter (by Der Senate 111). She competed at 1m40 level with Glenn van Riet. She is the mother of Charly Hebdo Sdw Z (by Comme il faut), who competed at 1m40 together with Samuel Hutton at the age of 7.

The third mother is Halloween Sitte (by Diamant de Semilly). She ran with Katie Gygax at 1m45 level.

The fourth mother is a very interesting mare. She comes from one of the foundation mares of Horse of Belgium, namely Ialta Sitte. For example, the fourth mother, Nialta Sitte (v. Avontuur), is the half-sister of Ogano Sitte. Self is also the mother of several international sport horses.

  • Color Mold
  • Birth year 2019
  • Height /
  • Studbook Zan
  • Level: 5 year olds