Birthguidance & KI-center



The arrival of a foal is something for many people to look forward to. To ensure that this runs as smoothly as possible, we offer birth support for your mare. We have three spacious stables available with cameras to keep an eye on your mare 24/7. When the mare is almost ready to give birth, an automatic Birthalarm System is sewn on. This will call us when the mare breaks her water.

The vet will be present within 5 minutes to accompany the birth with us.

After the foal is there, the foal is given and the afterbirth is checked. The foal will also receive colostrum milk. After 24 hours of birth, the antibodies are checked and plasma is added if necessary.
In a nutshell:

  • Automatic Birthalarm System that is sewn on to your mare
  • 24/7 camera surveillance
  • Control afterbirth
  • Colostrum management
  • Foal syringe
  • Antibody check after 24 hours




Plasma is also sometimes referred to as “liquid gold”. It owes this name to the enormous amount of substances contained in it. We mainly think of antibodies, clotting factors, albumin, and complement factors. A newborn foal has no antibodies in the blood. The first milk (colostrum or colostrum) is therefore of crucial importance as this net is very rich in these antibodies.

In a foal, during the first 12 hours, the intestine is still well passable for antibodies and they can thus be absorbed. From the intestine they then enter the bloodstream where they can perform their function optimally. If for any reason a foal does not absorb enough antibodies, it cannot protect itself against all kinds of banal or less banal germs. A plasma transfusion can therefore be crucial for these foals!

Foals that are already experiencing an infection and therefore already consume a large amount of their antibodies can benefit from a plasma transfusion.

The plasma bank is located at the Zuuthoeve in Lier, these are always available by phone for an appointment to order and collect plasma.


We have been looking after your mare for years and years to cover it with one of our own stallions. Thanks to a new collaboration with vet Bart Slootmaeckers, we can now also cover your mare with frozen semen. The mare will then have to be stabled with us and will be scanned every 6 hours as her cycle follows.



Birth guidance  € 285,00 ex. VAT
Bag of plasma  € 125,00 ex. VAT
Stable money mare without foal € 12,00 / day 
Stable money mare with foal € 15,00 / day