• Ukraine 111 action photo

Ukraine 111


Ukraine 111   Qatar van ‘t Paradijs   Mosito van het Hellehof
Cartagena Indias Ecaussinnes
Everything 111 Z Elvis ter Putte
M. Unellie 15


A stallion with an impressive dam line, but first let’s talk about Ukraine itself. This compact stallion is very easy to ride from day one and is not impressed by much. He absorbs everything very well and that shows his intelligence.

His mother, Everything 111, ran sports with Gilles van Hamme. She participated in the 2020 cycle for young horses and several international classes for 6-year-old horses.

Her daughter Ilona B 111 also participated in the 5-year-old cycle in 2023. She ran 7 clear rounds in 11 participations.

Grandmother of Ukraine is the foundation mare of the Theeuwes M.Unellie family. She is mother of the two approved stallions Winningmood van de Arenberg and Chippendale Z. Both competed at 1m60 level and were an asset to breeding. She is also mother of the following horses:

  • Richi Rich 111 who jumped 1m60 with David Simpson. She in turn is mother of Explosiev who also jumped 1m60 with Jody Bosteels.
  • Silvia 111 jumped with Thomas Van Minnebruggen at 1m45 level.
  • Leonie 111 Z with Abdel Said in the saddle jumped 1m50.
  • Idole 111 jumped together with Thierry Goffinet at 1m50 level.
  • Dr. Max Think Twice 111 Z jumped 1m45 with Radovan Sillo.
  • Knock out 111 jumps with Olivia Hamood 1m60.
  • Pistol Pete 111 Z jumps 1m45 with Tommaso Frigo.
  • Mandelay Bay 111 jumps with Alex Barr 1m45.

These are all direct descendants of M.Unellie. Further in the maternal line we find:

  • Shahenaz 1m60 with Nicole Pavitt
  • Kingston Town 111 Z 1m60 with Dieter Vermeiren
  • Oakley van Dorperheide 1m55 with Jan Vermeiren
  • Piepke 111 1m45 with Dieter Vermeiren
  • Bliksem Mc Queen 111 Z 1m45 with Saree Gordon
  • Mr. Idol S 1m60 with Nicola Philippaerts
  • Nepal S 1m50 with Kasper De Boeck
  • Panamera STH 1m50 with Jody van Gerwen

It is clear that strong jumping genes have been incorporated into this line. That’s why we look forward to the future of this Ukraine 111!

  • Color Brown
  • Birth year 2020
  • Level 4 year old
  • Studbook BWP
  • Approved for AES