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Honey Pops van de Zuuthoeve (°2013)


Honey Pops van de Zuuthoeve Thunder van de Zuuthoeve Argentinus
Jura van St. Maarten
Elize di Cantero Conan Z
Pascal van de Helle
  • Level: 1m40
  • 2021:
    • Gold St. Katelijne Wavre 1m20 8th place
    • Silver Lier 1m30 12th place
    • Silver Lier 1m35 7th place
    • Silver Lier 1m30 14th place
    • Gold Opglabbeek 1m35 4th place
    • CSI*** Zandhoven 1m35 13th place
    • VOR STG Stables 1m20 8th place
    • VOR STG Stables 1m25 GP 5th place
  • 2020:
    • 1m25 VOR de Kraal 5th place
    • 1m25 GP VOR de Kraal 7th place
    • Cycle Opglabbeek 10th place
    • Cycle Lier 4th place
    • CSI ** Zandhoven 1m35 4th place
    • CSI * Lier 1m20 7th place
    • CSI * Lier 1m20 3rd place
    • CSI * Lier 1m30 9th place
  • 2019:
    • 5 times double clear on 9 entries in the national cycle for young horses
    • 12th place consolation BK for young horses
    • 8th place CSI * 1m30
    • 2nd place CSI * YH 6 year old
    • 5th place CSI * YH final 6 year old
  • 2018:
    • 7/8 clear rounds national cycle for young horses
    • 3x zero during first international game
  • 2017:
    • Finalist BK Gesves


Honey Pops is the pride of the Zuuthoeve breeding farm. She is one of the first breeding products of Tina Vets-Nicasi, who, after the death of her grandfather Renée Vets, continued the breeding together with Conny Vets. Honey Pops van de Zuuthoeve has enormous quality on the jump, but her greatest asset is her attitude. She will go through fire for her rider. These are the characteristics that her father Thunder van de Zuuthoeve gives to his descendants.

Mother of Honey Pops van de Zuuthoeve is the mare Elize di Cantero. She competed up to 1m20 level herself, but had to leave the sport early due to an injury.

Elize is mother of the approved stallion Imperio di Cantero. He competed with Max Verheyen up to 1m35 level, after which he was sold to America.

Iliana van de Zuuthoeve (by Toulon) is also a daughter of Elize di Cantero. She also had a remarkable technique. She also had a real winning mentality. With Stijn Schuurmans she came second twice in the same weekend at the international competition for 6-year-old horses.

Tip Top van de Zuuthoeve is a son of Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve and Elize di Cantero. He is doing very well in the youngster classes with the German rider Hans-Günther Blum.

  • Color Brown
  • Birth year 2013
  • Height 1m70
  • Studbook SBS
  • Level: 1m45