Pepper van de Zuuthoeve (°2019)


Pepper van de Zuuthoeve Pifte van het Houtemhof Iron Man vd Padenborre
Farahdiba van Paemel
Zoberlina RV Berlin


If we have to describe Pepper van de Zuuthoeve, we think of a modern sport horse. He is long-legged and sporty built. His technique on the jump is phenomenal. He is sharp on the wood and has good use of his hindquarters. During the saddle breaking, his natural balance was very noticeable. This now comes back during the jumping course. He is extremely pleasant to ride and has a large, comfortable canter.


Pepper van de Zuuthoeve is the first son of our own breeding stallion Pifte van het Houtemhof. He now performs at 1m40 level with Stijn Schuurmans in the saddle.


The mother line of Pepper van de Zuuthoeve is also very interesting. Several international show jumping horses come from this lineage. Mother Zoberlina RV is also the mother of Grand Champion RV (by Quality Time TN), who performs at 1m45 level with the Italian rider Camilla Mazzocco.

The second mother is Kaberlina, daughter of Amethist. Her most important offspring is Twin Twin RV (by Calvados). This chestnut gelding jumped under Jur Vrieling at the three-star level 1m50. KM Whatever RV (by Calvados), Adventure (by Indorado) and Di Caprio RV also all jump at 1m50 level. This means that Kaberlina is the mother of no fewer than four 1m50 horses.

Other horses related to this dam line are Joker van de la Rosteehoeve. This gelding jumps with Femke De Graaf at 1m45 level as well as Joberlina van de la Rosteehoeve. Harly (by Harley VDL) is also related to Pepper van de Zuuthoeve. He jumped with Pilar Lucrecia Cordon at 1m55 level.

  • Color Brown
  • Birth year 2019
  • Height /
  • Studbook Zangersheide
  • Level: 5 year olds